• Tailor-made for Toyota models, the Car Fascia Frame is exquisitely crafted to make installation safer and faster.


  • According to the report of German television one, the rapid development of China's automobile sales market not only makes the three famous German automobile brands focus on China, but also German auto parts manufacturers pay attention to China and further move their production and manufacturing to China.


  • Just contact with the sound, many people will be hard to distinguish between good and bad equipment and blindly stand in line with the "equipment Party". For the lack of long-term understanding of sound quality, people can only follow suit. Because they didn't get the correct guidance, many people took a lot of wronged roads and spent a lot of wronged money from Xiaobai to Shangdao


  • Although a car audio is small, it is an indispensable part of a car. But there may be some people who are not satisfied with the audios of their cars and want to replace the audios of their cars but don't know how to start. So how should car audios be modified?


  • The Car Fascia Panel assembly has both technical and artistic functions, and is one of the representatives of the vehicle style.


  • Introduction to power adapter power adapter is a power conversion equipment for small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances. It is generally composed of shell, transformer, inductance, capacitance, control IC, PCB board and other components. Its working principle is to convert AC input into DC output; According to the connection mode, it can be divided into wall type and desktop type. It is widely used in security camera, set-top box, router, light bar, massage instrument and other equipment.