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Toyota's Car stereo and its Car Fascia Frame

Tailor-made for Toyota models, the Car Fascia Frame is exquisitely crafted to make installation safer and faster.Toyota motor co - operating audio brands are JBL, Panasonic audio, Pioneer audio. At present, Toyota motor and JBL establish a cooperative relationship. Because JBL price is relatively expensive, so JBL audio is usually in accordance with the Toyota high matching cars, such as Toyota top with RAV4, Prado, Camry and other high matching models. Panasonic audio and Pioneer audio are mainly installed in low-end Toyota cars.

The level of car audio configuration will affect the quality of car audio, car audio configuration is one of the important content of car owners to buy. Part of the car owners will upgrade their car acoustics, in order to achieve their pursuit of sound effects. However, it is recommended that car owners do not play the car stereo when the car engine stops working, so as to avoid the loss of battery.

 Car Fascia Frame