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Foreign auto parts manufacturers are more optimistic about the Chinese market

According to the report of German television one, the rapid development of China's automobile sales market not only makes the three famous German automobile brands focus on China, but also German auto parts manufacturers pay attention to China and further move their production and manufacturing to China.

At the Shanghai International Auto Show, the booths of German auto parts manufacturers are generally smaller than those of auto manufacturers. But China is the most critical sales market for them. For example, ZF Friedrichshafen AG has opened a new factory in China. Wolf Henning Scheider, the boss, said in detail: "in the next 18 months, people will open four more factories, and 32 factories have been opened."

Like auto manufacturers, German auto parts manufacturers are all dominated by China. This is not only related to China's sales volume, but also related to the rapid development trend of China's sales market.

Cars have further become software projects. Therefore, unlike the large and medium-sized auto parts manufacturers in the past, today's auto parts manufacturers are more like the heart of research.

Spare parts manufacturers see the new wireless communication network as an opportunity. Bosch, the boss of German auto parts, has many business processes in China. The shuttle cars from Bosch assembly line are equipped with touch screen machines and equipment. Customers can place orders according to the intelligent machine. As another example, some components of China's automobile shared resource transportation team will be presented by Bosch. Bosch management expressed that Bosch will take two paths in the future: one is to follow the continuous improvement of automobile market sales, and the other is to pay attention to the efficient application of automobiles, such as the operation of automobiles in 24 hours.

While many jobs in Germany depend on diesel engines, China is moving towards the future. Schaeffler, a small and medium-sized competitor who manufactures car discs and rotating shafts, further designs goods for the Chinese market. Schaeffler currently has 1500 product R & D staff in China, and will increase 1000 in addition. Schaeffler has implemented the current saving policy in Europe, and 900 jobs related to auto parts will be abolished, including 600 jobs in Schaeffler's four factories in Germany.