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The definition of car's loudspeakers

The interior of the loudspeaker is made by the vibration of the magnet and coil. It is an indispensable and important equipment in a sound system. All music is made through speakers for people to listen and enjoy. As the only equipment to convert electric energy into "sound energy", the quality and characteristics of loud speakers play a decisive role in the sound quality of the whole sound system. Due to the particularity of the car, it is impossible to install a general speaker like a home theater in the car, but directly install each vehicle speaker on the car. A high-end car can even install more than a dozen speakers.

Speakers mainly include double conical, two-way, three-way, independent component, subwoofer, etc. The independent component type includes independent tweeter unit, independent midrange unit and frequency division network, which are generally installed in the front door of the car. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the speaker, the better the low frequency. Therefore, if you like to listen to bass, you'd better equip it with a larger diameter loudspeaker