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What does the car fascia frame include

The car fascia frame include the speedometer.The speedometer actually consists of two meters. One is a speedometer and the other is an odometer.The traditional speedometer is mechanical. A typical mechanical odometer is connected to a flexible shaft. There is a steel cable in the flexible shaft. The other end of the flexible shaft is connected to a gear of the transmission. The rotation of the gear drives the steel cable to rotate. The steel cable drives a magnet in the odometer cover ring to rotate. The cover ring is connected with the pointer and sets the pointer to zero through the hairspring

The tachometer is generally set in the car fascia frame. Place it symmetrically with the speedometer. The tachometer works according to the magnetic principle. It receives the pulse signal generated when the primary current in the ignition coil is interrupted. And convert this signal into a speed value that can be displayed. The faster the engine speed, the more pulses generated by the ignition coil, and the greater the speed value displayed on the table.

3.Oil pressure gauge
The car fascia frame include the oil pressure gauge.The sensor of the oil pressure gauge is a piezoresistive sensor. It is screwed to the engine oil line. The oil pressure pushes the contact piece to move on the resistance to change the resistance value, which affects the current from the instrument to the ground. Drive the pointer to swing. Because the oil pressure has a certain pressure range, in order to be clear. At present, many automobile oil pressure gauges are indicated by indicator lights. If it is still on when the engine is running. It means that the engine lubrication system may be abnormal

4.Water temperature gauge
The car fascia frame include the water temperature gauge.The sensor of the water temperature gauge is a thermistor sensor. It is screwed to the engine cooling water channel. The thermistor determines the amount of current flowing through the coil winding of the water temperature gauge. This drives the meter pointer to swing. In the past, tap water was used as the cooling water of automobile engines. Now many automobile engine cooling systems use special coolant. Therefore, it is also called coolant temperature gauge.

5.Fuel gauge

The car fascia frame include the water temperature gauge.There are two coils in the fuel gauge. On the "F" and "e" sides respectively, the sensor is a variable resistance controlled by the float height. The change of resistance determines the strength of the magnetic lines of force of the two coils, which also determines the deflection direction of the pointer.The water temperature gauge and fuel gauge are also indicated by indicators. The water temperature indicator is on, indicating that the water temperature is high. When the fuel indicator is on, it indicates that the fuel is near the low point as an auxiliary reminder.