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Inventory of the most expensive parts of the car, I did not expect the interior decoration and body frame are also listed

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Inventory of the most expensive parts of the car, I did not expect the interior decoration and body frame are also listed

Making a car is a very troublesome thing. It contains many parts, almost innumerable, the most important of which is the engine. Only this part can start the car. Although this part is very important, it is not among many parts. The most expensive one, today we will take a look at the most expensive parts of the car. I did not expect that the interior decoration and body frame are also listed.

The first is the transmission system. The so-called transmission system is a system that transmits power to the wheels. Of course, it also includes a gearbox. The transmission system is now various, such as front-rear drive and optical four-wheel drive. It is equivalent to the human heart, and its price is naturally not low.

The second is the engine that we generally know. Its existence is more important than the transmission system we just mentioned, and the price is naturally more expensive. It is expensive to have its truth, its production process is very complicated, and the cost used is naturally not very low. We often use the heat emitted by the engine to warm us in winter, and its function is also very powerful.

The third is some interior decoration. Perhaps when it comes to these, some people will say how expensive this is? Indeed, it is the most unremarkable existence in people's eyes, but now that technology is developing, society is progressing, and people are living better and better, people begin to pursue a higher level of enjoyment, and they begin to think about how to make I have been more comfortable, and now there are a series of leather things such as leather seats and leather steering wheels. Also, my favorite is that you can clearly see how many pulses you run at night, including fuel consumption, etc. can be clearly and brightly displayed. Then, in this way, some of the interior decorations will be cost-effective, and certainly not too low.

The fourth is the body frame. It exists as if it were our cosmetics. When we apply cosmetics that are suitable for us, we can feel very confident. Similarly, if the body frame is designed properly, such as the golden ratio we usually say, if it can approach or reach this golden ratio in the design process, then when we drive our car, it will make us confident. many.

Now everyone knows why a car is so expensive, but it is recommended to be cautious to buy a car. After all, a car is still very expensive. If you are a young man, it is recommended that you still struggle for a few more years. You can buy it again. In addition, if you buy a car, you must always take them to maintenance. If you have a good car, you still need maintenance.